Our Philosophy


SVLS was started in London as Schroder Ventures Life Sciences in 1993 as part of the Schroder Ventures Group. SVLS became independent of the Schroder Ventures Group in 2001, and in January 2005 changed its name to SV Life Sciences.


SV Life Sciences' relationship with the entrepreneur and management team is built on shared commitment and trust. SV Life Sciences aims to form a solid and long lasting partnership with the very best entrepreneurs and management teams and to structure our investments to align our interests.

A truly trans-Atlantic team allows SV Life Sciences to assist businesses well beyond pure financing. A member of the team will often take a board seat and contribute to many aspects of your business including strategy, recruiting, acquisitions and business development. The SV Life Sciences team contains individuals with hands-on industry focused business operating experience and will genuinely understand the pressures on you and your business.

Relationships with the right strategic partners are critical to a new company's success. SV Life Sciences' team experience and network offers tangible help in all dimensions of a portfolio company's development.